Guenter Ahlers | Physics

  • Turbulent Convection in a Fluid Heated from Below
    National Science Foundation

Dirk Bouwmeester | Physics

  • Quantum States of OptoMechanical Structures
    National Science Foundation
  • Solid-State Cavity Electrodynamics
    National Science Foundation
    Co- PI: Pierre Petroff, Materials, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • MRI-R2 Nano Photonic Imaging System
    National Science Foundation
    Co-PI: Deborah Fygenson, Physics
    Co-PI: Elisabeth Gwinn, Physics
    Co-PI: Michael Liebling, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Co-PI: Everett Lipman, Physics
  • Quantum Post-Selected Optomechanics
    National Science Foundation

Michael Bowers | Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Pathogenic Protein Folding and Human Disease
    UC Los Angeles
  • CHE-Non-Covalent Complexes
    National Science Foundation
  • Litigated Metal Clusters: Structures, Energetics and Reactivity
    Air Force
  • Metal and Ligated Metal Clusters: A New Instrument
    Asian Office of Aerospace R&D

Steven Buratto Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Model Nanocluster Catalysts:  The Role of Size, Shape and Composition on the Catalytic Activity of Small Metal Oxide and Bimetallic Clusters on Oxide Surfaces
    National Science Foundation
    Co-PI:  Michael Bowers. Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Co-PI:  Horia Metiu, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Connectivity and ION Conductance in Fuel Cell Membranes Probed by Tunneling Atomic Force Microscopy
    National Science Foundation

David Cannell | Physics

  • Gradient Driven Fluctuations
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Song-I Han | Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • MRI: Development of a 240 GHz Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer with Nanosecond Time Resolution
    National Science Foundation
    Co-PI: Frederick Dahlquist, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Co-PI: Mark Sherwin, Physics

Bruce Lipshutz | Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Transition Metal-Catalyzed Chemistry in Water at Room Temperature
    National Institutes of Health
  • EAGER: Chemistry of Water-Intolerant Intermediates…in Water
    National Science Foundation
  • New Technologies Based on Organocopper Catalysis
    National Science Foundation

Philip M. Lubin | Physics

  • Plank Educational and Public Outreach Effort at UCSB
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Douglas Scalapino | Physics

  • Explorations of Routes to Higher Superconduction Transition Temperatures
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mark Sherwin | Physics

  • MRI: Development of a Free-Electron Laser for Ultrafast Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
    National Science Foundation
    Co-PI: S. James Allen, Physics
    Co-PI: Song-I Han, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Co-PI: Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Co-PI: Christopher Palmstrom, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Senior Personnel: Christoph Boehme, University of Utah
    Senior Personnel: Louis-Claude Brunel, Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology
    Senior Personnel: Alexander Kozhanov, California NanoSystems Institute
    Senior Personnel: Dane McCamey, University of Sydney
    Senior Personnel: Gerald Ramian, Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology
    Senior Personnel: Susanne Stemmer, Materials
    Senior Personnel: Susumu Takahashi, University of Southern California
    Senior Personnel: Chris Van de Walle, Materials
    Senior Personnel: Johan van Tol, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
    Senior Personnel: Fred Wudl, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Development of Gd3+-Based Spin Labels for Probing Structure, Dynamics and Interfaces by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Techniques
    U.S. Israel Binational Science Foundation
    Co-PI Song-I Han, Chemistry and BioChemistry
  • Quantum Coherence and Dynamical Instability in Quantum Wells Driven by Intense Terahertz Fields
    National Science Foundation

Jatila van der Veen | Physics

  • The Planck Visualization Project: Education and Public Outreach Effort of the U.S. Planck Mission
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory