photoProfessor Mark Sherwin

Director ITST and Center for Terahertz Science and Technology

Office: 4103 Broida
Phone: (805) 893-3774


Current Publications


Low power ultra-broadband terahertz sideband generation in bilayer graphene 
J. A. Crosse, Xiaodong Xu, Mark S. Sherwin, R. B. Liu
to appear in Nature Communication; []

Antenna-boosted mixing of terahertz and near-infrared radiation
Banks, H. B., Hofmann, A., Mack, S., Gossard, A. C., & Sherwin, M. S.
Applied Physics Letters, 105(9), 092102 (2014) [www]

Self-assembled ErSb nanostructures with optical applications in infrared and terahertz
H. Lu, D. G. Ouellette, S. Preu, J. D. Watts, B. Zaks, P. G. Burke, M. S. Sherwin, and A. C. Gossard
Nano Letters, 14, 1107-1112 (2014) [www]


Terahertz electron-hole recollisions in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells: robustness to scattering by optical phonons and thermal fluctuations
H. Banks, B. Zaks, F. Yang, S. Mack, A. C. Gossard, R.-B. Liu, and M. S. Sherwin
Physical Review Letters 111, 267402 (2013) [www]

Extending the distance range accessed with continuous wave EPR with Gd3+ spin probes at high magnetic fields
D. T. Edwards, Z. Ma, T. J. Meade, D. Goldfab, S. Han, and M. S. Shwerin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 11313-11326 (2013) []

Phase cycling with a 240 GHz, free electron laser-powered electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer
D. T. Edwards, Y. Zhang, S. J. Glaser, S. Han, and M. S. Sherwin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 5707-5719 (2013) []

High-order sideband generation in bulk GaAs
B. Zaks, H. Banks and M. S. Sherwin
Applied Physics Letters 102, 012104 (2013) [] [www]


Pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy powered by a free-electron laser
S. Takahashi, L.-C. Brunel, D. T. Edwards, G. Ramian, J. van Tol, S. Han and M. S. Sherwin
Nature 489, 7416 (2012) [] [www]

Distance measurements across randomly distributed nitroxide probes from the temperature-dependence of the electron spin phase memory time at 240 GHz 
D. Edwards, S. Takahashi, M. S. Sherwin, S. Han
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 223, 198-206 (2012) [] [www]

Detection of nanosecond-scale, high power THz pulses with a field effect transistor
S. Preu, H. Lu, M. S. Sherwin, and A. C. Gossard
Review Scientific Instruments 83, 053101 (2012) [] [www]

Enhanced performance of resonant sub-terhaertz detection in a plasmonic cavity
G. C. Dyer, S. Preu, G. R. Aizin, J. Mikalopas, A. D. Grine, J. L. Reno, J. M. Hensley, N. Q. Vinh, A. C. Gossard, M. S. Sherwin, S. J. Allen, E. A. Shaner
Applied Physics Letters 100, 083506 (2012) [] [www]

THz detection by a Homodyne Field Effect Transistor Multiplicative Mixer
S. Preu, S. Kim, R. Verma, P. G. Burke, N. Q. Vinh, M. S. Sherwin, and A. C. Gossard
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 2, 278-283 (2012)[doi:10.1109/TTHZ.2012.2191671] [www]

Experimental observation of electron-hole recollisions
B. Zaks, R.B. Liu, and M.S. Sherwin
Nature 483, 580-583 (2012)[doi:10.1038/nature10864] [www]
Corresponding News & Views article by Rupert Huber

An improved model for non-resonant terahertz detection in field -effect transistors
S. Preu, S. Kim, R. Verma, P. G. Burke, M. S. Sherwin, and A. C. Gossard
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 024502 (2012)[doi:10.1063/1.3676211] [www]


Terahertz Ionization of Highly Charged Quantum Posts in a Perforated Electron Gas
C. M. Morris, D. Stehr, H. Kim, T. Truong, C. Pryor, P. M. Petroff, and M. S. Sherwin
Nano Letters 12 (3), pp 1115-1120 (2012), doi:10.1021/nl1044154] [www]

Coherent control of a THz intersubband polarization in a voltage controlled single quantum well
M. Wagner, M. Helm, M. S. Sherwin, D. Stehr
Applied Physics Letters 99, 131109 (2011) [] [www]

Dielectric spectroscopy of proteins as a quantitative experimental test of computational models
of their low-frequency harmonic motions
N. Q. Vinh, S. James Allen, and Kevin W. Plaxco
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (23), pp. 8942-8947 (2011)  doi:10.1021/ja200566u] [www]

THz driven quantum wells: Coulomb interactions and Stark shifts in the ultrastrong coupling regime
B. Zaks, D. Stehr, T. Truong, P. M. Petroff, S. Hughes, M. S. Sherwin
New Journal of Physics 13, 083009 (2011), [ doi:10.1088/1367-2630/13/8/083009] [www]