Partnerships and Collaborations

Christoph Boehme, The University of Utah

Associate Professor/Associate Chairman
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Research Interests:
Christoph Boehme's work is centered about the exploration and the development of pulsed electrically and optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopies and their application to inorganic and organic material systems as well as the development of single spin readout techniques for spin electronics and quantum information concepts.

Daniella Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute of Science

The Erich Klieger Professorial Chair in Chemical Physics
Department of Chemical Physics

Research Interests:
Our research focuses on developments and applications of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to problems in Biophysics and Material Science. EPR techniques provide dynamics, and geometric and electronic structures of paramagnetic molecules in solutions and solids

Dane McCamey, The University of Sydney

ARC Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Physics

William R. McGrath, California Institute of Technology

Senior Research Scientist and Principal Physicist
School of Physics

Research Interests:
Superconductive rf devices, circuits, and quantum noise limited sensors for Radio Astronomy applications; Terahertz electronics, and millimeter-wave remote sensing techniques.

Susumu Takahashi, University of Southern California

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy
Dornslife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Research Interests:
Our research focuses on the quantum physics of spin systems. Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) impurity centers in diamond are well-isolated from their surrounding environment. NV centers exhibit long quantum coherence which allows us to observe quantum mechanics in the system. We utilize various magnetic resonance techniques to implement quantum gate operations in the NV centers to realize quantum-assisted applications such as an extremely sensitive magnetic sensor which enables imaging of a single electron and nuclear spin. We also apply electron spin magnetic resonance to image static and dynamic structure of biological molecules.

Alberto Vailati, University of Milan

Department of Physics

Johan van Tol, Florida State University

Associate Scholar/Scientist
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Research Interests:
Condensed Matter Science, EMR