The 12.5 Tesla Magnet

Facility Director:   Professor Mark Sherwin (

Facility Manager:   Nikolay Agladze ( )

Location:   Broida Hall 1380C (UCSB Campus Map)

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Recharge Rates: Equipment: (Subject to changes.)

Recharge Rates: Equipment: (Subject to changes.)

Service Description*   Billing Unit Rate
UCSB Users    Day $243.30/Day
UCSB Users Training/Setup   Hour $123.40/Hour
Non UCSB Users Training/Setup   Hour $192.00/Hour
External Non-profit   Day $380.00/Day
Superconducting Magnet Features:
12.5 Tesla central magnetic flux density at 4.2 K
5 part in 106 homogeneity over 10 mm diameter spherical volume
Sweeping coil flux density magnitude ± 0.06 Tesla
Sweeping coil homogeneity 0.015%
Current decay in persistent mode 10-5 per hour
Magnet clear bore diameter 112 mm
Continuous flow cryostat operating from 4.2 K to room temperature with the
   THz beam delivery to the sample using a corrugated waveguide
Computer control of all functions using LabVIEW software