FTIR Instrument

Facility Director:   Professor Mark Sherwin (sherwin-at-itst.ucsb.edu)

Facility Manager:    Nikolay Agladze (nick-at-itst.ucsb.edu)

Location:   Broida Hall 1215 (UCSB Campus Map)

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UCSB Users    Hour $38.50/Hour
External Academic/Non-Profit
External Private/For-Profit
UCSB Users Training/Setup
Non UCSB Users Training/Setup    Hour $192.00/Hour


FTIR Instrument Features:

BRUKER IFS 66v FTIR specifications

One of the best Fourier transform spectrometers in the world, known for high stability of the interferometer and state of the art scanning mechanism. Capable of operation both in continuous and step scanning regimes. This instrument is equipped with a complete set of optics and detectors for broad band operation throughout IR and THz ranges. Cryogenic detectors with record high sensitivity enable measurements of weak signals, including of samples at low temperatures mounted in the optical cryostat. Very flexible design makes possible a broad range of experimental setups, including spectral characterization of external sources of radiation. 


Frequency range 7500 – 10 cm-1 ( 0.3 – 225 THz )
Resolution 0.25 cm-1
F Number 4.5
Sources Globar, Hg arc lamp
Beamsplitters KBr, Mylar pellicles
Detectors DTGS with KBr  and polyethylene windows, nitrogen cooled MCT, InSb, helium cooled composite bolometer
Modes of operation fast scanning, step scanning, purged, vacuum