Example of FTIR


Broad range Terahertz spectroscopy

•Video rate capable and phase sensitive ASOPS system
•FTIR with cryogenic detectors




     Measurements in (a) frequency-domain and (b) in time-doman.
(c) Conductivity calculated from combination of FTIR, ASOPS, and VNA data.

     A self-assembly method is developed of embedding controllable semimetallic nanostructures in a semiconducting matrix in a ErSb/GaSb material system grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The plasmonic properties of the material are characterized and quantified by three polarization-resolved spectroscopy techniques, spanning more than 3 orders of magnitude in frequency from 100 GHz up to 300 THz


1. H. Lu, D.G. Ouellette, S. Preu, J.D. Watts, B. Zaks, P.G. Burke, M.S. Sherwin, and A.C. Gossard“Self-assembled ErSbnanostructures with optical applications in infrared and terahertz” Nano Lett. 14, p.1107-1112 (2014).